DTCO SmartLink Pro – the clever connection

DTCO SmartLink Pro turns your phone into a convenient remote control for the DTCO. You can use practical VDO apps thanks to the Bluetooth dongle. For example, you can see your personal driving and rest times, daily and weekly working times, or make manual entries yourself.


DTCO SmartLink Pro

  • Connects the DTCO to VDO's convenient apps
  • Simply plug it into the DTCO’s front interface and off you go
  • More convenient input saves valuable time and improves your efficiency

More information about DTCO Smart Link

DTCO SmartLink Pro can be used in conjunction with VDO apps without having to pay for already activated functions. There may be additional charges for the activation of the DTCO front interface, depending on the model. In some cases, functions in the DTCO must be activated by VDO partner workshops for a fee. From DTCO Release 2.0, which was installed by the vehicle manufacturers, a software upgrade to Release 2.1 can be performed by VDO partner workshops for a fee to be able to use additional functions. From DTCO Release 2.1, which was installed by the vehicle manufacturers ex works, an additional DTCO VDO Counter Update is required. You can order this DTCO VDO Counter Update Card in the VDO Shop. With DTCO Release 2.2, all functions are available in the app via DTCO SmartLink Pro. No additional costs are included.

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